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Never gets old

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Good Bye WCE

Naslund -> NYR
Morrison -> Wild
Bertuzzi ->Flames

Who’s gonna be the new WCE?

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Simply Amazing


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Banff 2008 :: Preview

Just got back from my 3rd annual Banff trip. This year I went with Matt, and over the 5 days we drove over 2,450km. This was the “Trip of Bears” with over 7 sightings (9 bears in total). Above is just one of the amazing bears we saw. More to come…

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Britian’s Got Talent : April 26 2008

This is simply, glorious!


Plz ignore the blank video at the end, its simply where I pad the video with empty frames in order to distribute the bitrate to the actual video…therefore alot higher quality! The actual length is 3:36

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