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Passing of a Legend

1958 - 2009

1958 - 2009

Michael Jackson has been a pure legend to me. The King of Pop.

I’ve always said, if there was one artist that I would LOVE to see perform live, that would be Michael Jackson. Unfotunately, that will never happen now, and we’ll only be able to live through his music. If every wedding I goto plays his song once during the receptions, I’ll be a happy man.

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” - Michael Jackson.

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Rancilio Commercial Naked/Bottomless Handle

As some of you know (who have been to our place) we love to make good coffee. We received a Rancilio Silvia as our wedding gift, which gets some amazing use (next to our touchless soap dispenser!).

As I’ve slowly perfected the perfect latte (thank you Adam for all your help!), I’ve started looking online to see what others have done, and come across this naked handle. I went to Espressotec and picked one up.

HANDS DOWN, best investment ever (for the Rancilio that is). The amount of crema that comes out is INSANE (your not loosing any inside the spout). Not to mention I can fit my bigger mug undernear without chipping it. If you don’t have one, GET one (ahem, ADAM!). 

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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy new year everyone! After a crazy party at Storyeum the nice before, we went to see the crazy peeps at the Polar Bear swim, at English Bay.


Polar Bear Swim 2009

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It’s late and cold over here in Toronto, and what better way to kill time and stay warm then play board games. We are playing one called ‘Powergrid’, which is starting to get very interesting. It’s 2:41am, and I suspect that we should be done in about an hour. Our next game should only get more interesting.

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One Month

Has it really been a month since my last serious post? Wow times flies.

Things have been crazy busy lately. Less then 2 months till the wedding, and still lots to do, but as always things will come together. The new job has been keeping me very busy which is good. I shot my first wedding of the year 2 weeks ago with Daniel, and this weekend I shoot number 2 with Jason, which leaves about 10 more for the year.

2 weeks left till we head to Vegas for the massive joint stag with Trevor and Eileen. It will be one trip for the books!!! That is, a book you won’t read, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

I spent my last free weekend going camping with Natisha, Smita, Paul, Sue Yee, and Timir up in Golden Ears. Here’s one picture I took on our hike to the lower falls:

Time to get ready for an engagement shoot this evening, wedding tomorrow, then Hiren and Nisha’s Engagement Party on Monday night, then the Salmon Festival on Canada day, woot!

edit: buwahahahaha!!! I came across this photo, and JUST had to post it:

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