Its my home, Amish’s home.


As my wedding gift, Natisha booked us away on a mini honeymoon (hense Mini-Moon) to the sunshine coast. We stayed at the ever amazing Rock Water Secret Cove Resort. It was a real treat, and we had the most amazing weather we could of asked for.

Part of the package was a guided moonlight paddle on kayak’s. We lucked out and only had one other couple with us, so our group was nice and small. I’ve posted two images from the start of our tour just slightly after sunset.

The 3 day get away, was VERY well needed, as we have been on the go ever since prior to the wedding, and even after it. I have only two more weddings to shoot this year, which are spaced out by 3 weeks, then but the time in between and after is going to be spent editing like a mad man. But I feel energized after this trip, so i’m looking forward to getting some work done!

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