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UPS Needs to Wake Up

I ordered some postcards from a company in the states. The order was shipped on Jan 26th 2009. The cost of these cards were $79.95USD, however I had a $40 coupon, making the order $39.95.

The company that shipped the postcards listed the cost as $79.95. TODAY I receive the invoice from UPS.

UPS bills me $11.97 in GST/PST (based on the $79.95USD which works out to $99.78CDN). I call them to inform them of the mistake. The rep I speak with says they have been trying to get this paid for. I said I got it TODAY. He says that the paperwork looks correct on their side, and that if I want to have it RE-rated then I need to get the company to fax them a new invoice. He also says that because it is past the ‘lock-out date’ that it would take 9 months to have it re-rated. 

9 MONTHS?! Are you kidding me? I told him, thats not my issue, and that I’ll get the company in the states to fax it to them. I’d rather hold on to the money, then give it over to UPS just like that.

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