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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Picked up a nice red zoo frag from Hidden Reef the other day. Also my macro picture of my Button Coral got picked by Reef Keeping Magazine to use in their April release. You can see the picture (second one down) here.

- posted by Amish Solanki on 11:54 PM

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

1 Year

Wow has it really been a year? It has indeed. I know I haven't updated this blog in a while. Things got busy in the summer, which slowed down the posts, and also some of the tank work.

However, here's a recent summary over the last 6 months.

- Added a new fish in July/August, bicolor Blenny. Annika calls him "geyser".
- Lost my Mandarin during the wedding. It may of been due to lack of care on the tank (water changes). That, and also maybe due to the addition of geyser. May of been a little challenge for pods. It was a sad day, as that was my first real fish, and I REALLY loved the colors of that fish. Maybe I'll try again, once the tank is more mature, and also with a refuge.
- Bought and lost a peach anthia fish. GREAT colors, and told by the LFS, that my tank would be good enough. The fish seemed to do good for the first day, buy by next morning it was dead. Possible death caused by lack of aeriation.
- Which brings a point up, that i've been running skimmerless for 1 year now, with no problems so far. Haven't had much time to work on my skimmer, but i'm hoping to shortly (yes you've heard me say that!).
- I started on a new lighting box. The box is built, and painted, just need to get the laminate done by Roy next door, so I can start installing, and hang it up. Everything is sitting at home, ready to install. The new fixture will have 1 175w MH, and 2 96w VHO atnic running on a WH7 ballast.
- I finally got the sump up and running that I bought some time ago. I removed all the silicone (with the help of Johno during the summer). Still has a small small leak, that I cannot isolate, so I think I will most likely be building my own sump when Shane builds his. The good thing, is that I know exactly what I need in the sump, and sizes, etc etc. I will probably make sure that the sump uses more space in the stand vertically, than sideways. I'll have to beef it up a little more, but that shouldn't be a problem.
- Last new addition fish wise, is a small blue neon goby. The guy is really cool, and I haven't given him a name, but he looks like a small shark, I'll have to figure out a name for him, suggestions?
- I've added a bunch of corals over the last little while. The newest addition has been a Green Bubble coral that I got from Jack at OA. It wasn't doing well when I first got it, but now its doing really well since I've been feeding it lots. Its actually growing so big, I may need to get rid of it soon! Here's a quick picture from the gallery:

Thats about it. Seems like a lot actually. Next year should be interesting. I'd love to get a bigger custom tank to fit the actual stand, we'll see where that goes. Big projects I want done are:

1) Lighting Box
2) Skimmer
3) Sump

Back to the drawing board, and inches from the glass ;)

- posted by Amish Solanki on 6:33 PM

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

New Frag

We'll after my recent disaster, things are looking somewhat better. Only the Colt and Xenia and trumpet haven't really come back, the rest are looking better. I ended up picking up a new Trumpet Coral from Bluezoom off Canreef. Got to check out his cool 20g, and his friends 90g. Both awesome tanks. This trumpet is doing AWESOME, and is really growing fast.

- posted by Amish Solanki on 11:41 PM

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Macro Pictures

I picked up a Hoya Close-Up Kit off ebay for cheap. I made a new section in the gallery for the Macro Pictures, feel free to check them out. Here's a one of my fav's so far of my zoo colony:

- posted by Amish Solanki on 11:11 PM

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